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Bridging the gap between hydrotherapy and 'learn to swim' lessons for children with disabilities.

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Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Boat steering wheel
Water Safety
Circular chains like a car to describe motor
Motor Skills
Speech bubbles
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Children with a disability are at a higher risk of drowning. Learning to swim is a vital skill for every child to learn however the current swim school structure does not suit all children. Flipper Academy offers group water-based therapy with a core focus on learning to swim. We assist those with a disability to learn essential skills they need to stay safe in the water as well as for their own development.


Bailey thoroughly enjoys his hydrotherapy sessions with Chelsea, it's something that he really looks forward to. She has made the sessions challenging enough to assist in improving Bailey's strength, coordination and endurance whilst still making it rewarding and enjoyable. We are so happy with Bailey's progress and improvement but also thrilled to find a form of exercise that Bailey has engaged with and embraced. Chelsea is encouraging and supportive whilst working with our child, as well as being professional and knowledgeable.


We would recommend Chelsea to other families without hesitation. 

- Kirby (Valued Client) -

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